Kale and Wild Rice Salad


2 lbs. Kale, Cleaned and Chopped
2 lbs. Wild Rice, Cooked and Chilled
.5 lb. Raisins, Rehydrated
.25 lb. Dry Apple Diced, Rehydrated
.5 lb. White Cheddar Cheese, Shredded
.5 lb. Orange Segments, Cut into bite size pieces
.5 lb. Toasted Pecans, Rough Chopped
Salt and Pepper to Taste


In a large Container, combine all ingredients. Serve with Star Anise Vinaigrette.

Star Anise Vinaigrette


1 Cup Star Anise
1 Cup Sugar
1 Cup Water
¼ Cup Red Wine Vinegar
½ Cup Vegetable Oil


-In a medium sized sauce pot on low heat, combine star anise, sugar, and water.
-Allow to simmer for fifteen minutes or until reduced by 1/3.
-Remove from heat and strain syrup from anise seeds. Discard Anise seeds.
-Allow anise syrup to cool.
-Once Syrup is cooled pour into food processor and add red wine vinegar, pulse until just combined.
-With food processor on low speed, slowly add vegetable oil until mixture emulsifies, adding more or less oil if needed.
-Check flavor and adjust seasoning if necessary.