History of Knox City Farms

Knox City Farms (Old City Gardens) was started by Randy and Jenny Boyd, and managed by Brenna Wright from Abbey Fields Farms on April 1st, 2016. The gardens were originally patterned after Fenway Gardens in Boston, with the hope of folks living downtown having the ability to grow their own food. Knox City Farms has thirty private raised bed gardens available for folks to rent out and a larger 1/4-acre space which has been cultivated by Brenna, and other volunteers in the downtown area.

On the premises there is a:

  • Small shed that contains basic gardening tools for use by everyone, allowing people to walk or bike to the garden without having to bring equipment,
  • A pavilion that provides shade and a spot for community gatherings, education, and small events
  • Water for watering the plants and for washing vegetables will also be available on-site

Over the past 5 years, Knox City Farms has produced thousands of pounds of food,  connected with at least a dozen downtown_ restaurants and businesses in Knoxville, and last year even provided a salad CSA for folks in the downtown community.

Groundbreaking Article From Urban Knoxville

Our New Partnership is Helping Change our Food System

“My hope in partnering with CHF is to be able to take all that I have learned in small scale, urban agriculture, and apply it in a greater context of service and need. Being a part of the CHF team now inserts a greater mission alongside of food production; we have the opportunity to help people on their journey of recovery, to provide good food and material and emotional support to our Makers. In doing so, we also create together a beautiful example of what happens when we work together and put our hands to doing positive things in the world. For me, partnering with CHF is being able to bring my farming experience full circle to people who could benefit the most from all that a farm has to offer.”

Brenna Wright, Dual Farm Manager and Original Manager of Knox City Farms