Hope Harvester

Be A Hope Harvester
Hope Harvesters are committing to help folks who have experienced incarceration, and who are now in Recovery, to become empowered, create new sustainable career paths, and ultimately hold healthier futures.

Hope Harvesters can make a one-time or recurring monthly donation to be a part of growing more pathways for folks to get back onto their feet, and maintain sobriety.


Adopt a Row

In an average planting acre at the farm, there are 12 rows, which produce 600 pounds of nutritious food a year to individuals in need across our 18 county region.

What’s a row worth? 1 ft = 1 lb = 1 person!


Here’s the Breakdown:

With TWO Harvests Per Year, You’ll DOUBLE Your Impact!

Adopt a Row / Acre Today!

Below are 3 different ways that you can help provide fresh produce to help eliminate food insecurity through local food banks and our From the Ground Up program participants.


Adopt an Acre

Feeds 7,200 People
Sponsorship Benefits

Adopt a 1/2 Acre

Feeds 3,600 People
Sponsorship Benefits

Adopt a Row

Feeds 600 People
Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsor a Maker

We believe that our Makers are at the center of all the work that we do on the farm. While enrolled in our workforce development program, they will receive; weekly housing assistance, transportation to and from the farm, childcare assistance, communication assistance, uniforms, 3 meals a day (7days a week), education, and furthering education opportunities. Here is the breakdown!

Programming Direct Costs for 14 weeks of Programming:
Lunch- $200
Uniforms- $125
Printing- $25
Transportation: $294
Testing: $75
Equipment: $150
Total: $1,169.00
Housing Assistance $130 a week x 14 weeks of Programming= $1,820.00
Meal Assistance $7.50 per meal x 3 meals= $22.50 $22.50 x 14 weeks= $315.00
Monthly Communication Assistance $30 per month x 3 Months= $90.00
TOTAL Cost for Person 1 = $3,394.00.

The cost to sponsor a Maker can be a one time gift of $3,394 for the entire year, or monthly gifts of $282.83..

EMPOWER today!

Your Gift Will Grow Change