History of the Farm

Century Harvest Farms has always been about two things: food and people. Century Harvest Farms began in 2007 as one small solution to a very big problem: the dependence of modern agriculture on non-renewable resources.  With over 75% of our population, five billion people, dependent on conventional agriculture for survival, we wanted to be part of the transition from an unsustainable agricultural model to one that is ecologically sustainable; a model that can provide for our needs for centuries to come.

Since then, we continue to refine our practices into the most stable model of human agrarianism possible.  Through rotational grazing our herd of grass-fed cattle, we take part in the most ancient and sustainable form of agriculture known to humankind.  We propagate native warm-season grasses, legumes, and wildflowers to allow our pastures to maintain herd health and promote biodiversity throughout the farm.  We operate in an almost completely no-till fashion; promoting the health and vitality of soil-dwelling invertebrates, fungi, and bacteria.  We have never used even so much as an ounce of GMOs, insecticide, pesticide, or herbicide.

In 2014, we embarked on a mission to create the finest culinary expression of the Appalachian foothills bioregion.  We built an on-farm kitchen to produce the only naturally lacto-fermented charcuterie made from 100% grass-fed been in the United States.  With our abundant limestone, ample precipitation, clay soils, and hot summers, grass and cattle were to be our focus.

In 2017, we created Century Harvest Farms Foundation and continue to maintain our sustainable agricultural practices, harvest and produce the highest quality grass-fed beef products for local farmers, all while helping folks in recovery.

The Farm

The Fields

Century Harvest Farms Foundation has 350 acres of pasture and farmland located in Greenback, TN. The farm serves as an experiential classroom, and training center, for makers in recovery to learn sustainable farming techniques, how to grow their own garden, and utilize farming equipment. The produce grown on the farm is used in our culinary training courses, donated to local food banks, given to our Makers in recovery to take home to their families.

The Herd

The farm is home to pasture-raised, heritage breed cattle which provide our grass-fed beef and artisan charcuterie products. Makers in the From the Ground Up Program learn how to take care of our livestock, create nutrient-dense fields for cattle consumption, and so much more!

The Kitchen

Our USDA and FDA facility provides a classroom and training facility for our makers in recovery. In our kitchen, Makers learn how to create healthy meals for their families, train underneath of our culinary team to gain cooking skills, and learn how to create our 100% grass-fed beef charcuterie. All of the revenue from our UDSA certified charcuterie offerings, go directly back into our From the Ground Up Program to create more learning opportunities for our Makers in recovery.